Mini Willy's Jeeps and Mini Land Rovers make an awesome accompaniment to the mini tanks military theme.

Willy's Jeep

NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY from Paintball Battle Tanks! Ask for details.

Fully automatic mini jeep with a 150cc engine, these jeeps are great fun for all the family to zoom around in. These are the latest fun drive to reach the West!

Available as a Willy's Jeep or Mini Land Rover, pictured with the mini tank.

Features a Mini LAnd Rover and Scorpion Mini Tank

A comfortable drive with all-round suspension, off road wheels, and rear wheel drive. Comparible in size to the mini tanks, these two seater vehicles have a speed delimiter, and a top speed of 30mph without the limitation.

Willy's Jeep

Features include indicators, lights and a horn.

Please note we do not manufacture the mini jeeps.

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