Pelek ATVs



We are glad to introduce a new amphibious all-terrain vehicle «Pelec Mini III». This is a familiar and at the same time a completely new «Peleс Mini», in which we have made many changes and have made it a more comfortable, safe and passable.

Increased interior space make it possible to establish the anatomic comfortable waterproof driver and passenger seats. Automotive seating and adjustable driver’s seat for the length allows you to comfortably accommodate two people of any height and in full gear.

A fundamentally new suspension made a movement on ATV more comfortable. Increased tracks, allowed to radically improve comfort while overcoming descents, climbs, fallen trees and other obstacles.

Powerful (28 hp) and efficient engine (fuel consumption of 3.2 liters per hour), in combination with an off-road increased tank capacity (40 liters) will allow you to travel without problems on any one route for filling (12 hours). The new, two-chamber carburettor allowed to abandon the use of the electric fuel pump.

We have simplified the maintenance of all-terrain vehicle and increase its reliability. Instead, the gearbox, which is used for “A” class, set domestic box cars, with reinforced shaft drive, which is used on the cars of a higher “B” and “C” class. Compact size of ATV lets you to carry all-terrain vehicle in almost any car trailer.


  • engine 680 сm3, 28 hp (Honda GХ 630 or the analogue)
  • on-board computer
  • LED headlights and brake lights
  • ​anatomical waterproof seat driver & passenger (car boarding)
  • driver’s seat with adjustable length
  • new suspension (shock absorber 4)
  • reinforced elongated tracks


Looking for a powerful and functional all-terrain vehicle? “Pelec” represents brand new updated “Rover”. Those who work o have a rest in the harsh off-road conditions rated its soft and comfortable suspension, new engine and ergonomics that was improved for the driver and passengers. “Rover” is the amphibious crawler which doesn’t cost much more than a quad bike!

Adapting to any conditions

You have a great opportunity to adapt your “Pelec” to any conditions defined by severe off-road. Five-position transmission allows you to select the ATV’s operating mode for each track section. Rover is also distinguished by its engine. Kohler, made in USA (Briggs and Stratton are also available), is the standard of safety for all-terrain vehicles. It was tested in the harsh snowy, swampy, watered areas and showed the excellent result!

High comfort level

Remember how hard it was, when your previous vehicle shook you at any bump on the way! A small log seemed to be an insurmountable barrier. “Pelec Rover” deals with such problems! Forget about the feeling which makes you afraid of being stuck or flipped.

Powerful but simple

Crawler driving becomes much easier. “Pelec Rover” has a motorcycle rudder with mounted informative display of the board computer (speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, hour meter and more).

Take some people and hit the gas!

“Pelec Rover” allows taking three passengers. It’s load capacity reaches 750 kg. This will be enough to go hunting, fishing or going to your workplace with heavy equipment and necessary instruments. Each owner of “Pelec Rover” can prove the fact of constant developing and improving the techniques of our company. It’s ready to serve you in all kind of weather all year round.


Meet the top model of amphibious crawlers: “Pelec Transporter”

Your ambitious plans of conquering the off-road will become a reality with brand new all-terrain vehicle “Pelec Transporter”! The most functional and versatile amphibious ATV will replace several vehicles for hunters, fishermen, rescue services, and those who work in out-road conditions.

“Transporter” is the flagship of “Pelec”. It can accelerate up to 80 km/h! The speed is limited to 49 km/h to improve safety avoiding accidents and to increase its power on the impassable sites. “Pelec Transporter” has three configurations depending on the engine’s type and volume: four-stroke gasoline (993cc) and diesel (1123cc).

Rescuer: You will quickly get to the emergency place with a team of rescuers and necessary equipment!

You’re able to get to the burning village through the mud and swamps. You’ll successfully evacuate local people and localize fire sources with the help of special fire installation (located in the cargo bay).

If you’re searching for missing people – “Pelec Transporter” with its powerful lights providing excellent visibility will help even in the dark night. UAV installed on the roof (with a thermal imager) provides a good overview for miles around.

You’ll be able to save drowning fisherman – no matter in winter or summer. Capacity allows carrying a group of victims and providing first aid: there is enough place for special equipment.

Extend the functionality

Due to the increased largo bay (1090 l) and a large set of options “Pelec Tranporter” can be turned into snow thrower, rescue boat, bulldozer, mobile drilling rig and other useful vehicles. Rescuers may need a motor pump. We can offer some accessories like stretchers for evaquation etc.

Rivers and lakes: want to have a trip?

“Pelec Transporter” is a great on water! Only due to its tracks “Pelec Transpoter” reaches 5-6 km/h. If you install the outboard motor – the speed will be significantly increased. You can climb on the roof and enjoy the perfect views or even sunbath! “Pelec Transporter” has low gravity center and optimal balance. So, it’s very stable on the water.

Having some questions or problems with a choice? Contact us and buy your “Pelec Transporter”!