Scorpion Mini Tank

The Scorpion Mini Tank is a single seater mini tank with a rotating turret. Perfect for rides alone, or incorporated into a paintball game. Companies purchasing the Scorpion Mini Tank for rides are guaranteed to be investing in a unique and profitable vehicle, and exciting new adventure for customers.

There is no doubt mini tanks are making a positive footprint on the outdoor activities industry. Their uniqueness alone will bring curiosity from customers. Word will soon spread about mini tank driving on your site, and if you’re the first or only site in your area with mini tanks, enquiries and bookings will soon increase, and your social media will explode with each video and action photo posted.

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration.

Key Features

  • For ages 10 and above (recommended).
  • Genuine one-person tracked vehicle (that’s right, “tank tracks”!).
  • Briggs & Stratton 540cc petrol engine.
  • Two drive systems driving each track independently.
  • Independent authentic tank suspension system.
  • Choice of authentic military colour schemes.
  • Top speed of 7-8mph.


  • Fabricated steel chassis with rollover bar.
  • Firewall separates driver’s compartment from engine area.
  • 24 Road wheels. (Six sets each side)
  • Each track assembly has easy adjustment.
  • Independent authentic tank suspension.
  • Safety belt.
  • Manually rotating turret.
  • Briggs & Stratton 540cc. Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled, OHV (Overhead Valve) petrol engine.
  • EPA certified with a global warranty.
  • 2.5 gallon (11.3 litre) unleaded fuel tank.
  • 9 amp charging system.
  • 12v electric start.
  • Emergency stop button for stewards, plus a stop switch for the driver.
  • Dummy gun as standard.
  • Turret barrel supports a Paintball or laser gun.
  • Two trans-axles drive the tracks independently via cast steel rear sprockets.
  • 724ml hydraulic expansion tank.
  • No hydraulic knowledge necessary.
  • Lever controls operated by the driver give full control in both forward and reverse.
  • Spring centring gives instantaneous lock on the motors providing full control in skid-steer in both directions.
  • Purpose built, steel belt, rubber coated tracks.
  • Purpose-built self-lubricating road wheels, designed to operate in off-road conditions.
  • Counter lever compact suspension seat, black all weather PVC trim.
  • Glass-fibre bodyshell lifting for access by one person and held in position with gas struts.
  • Aluminium Turret ring, with built-in easy glide bearings, for manual turning of turret.
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Length: 2.100m
  • Width: 1.145m
  • Height: 1.375m to top of roll bar
  • Max Speed: 7-8 mph (11-12 kmph)
  • Max Angle Uphill: 20 degrees
  • Max Angle Downhill 20 degrees
  • Max Angle Cross-slope 20 degrees
  • Each vehicle is guaranteed for 12 months (non-commercial) or 3 months (commercial) against defective parts or construction.
  • The engine and trans-axles are covered by the manufacturer’s own global warranties.

Competitor Comparison

The table below is a comparison with an alternative mini tank manufacturer model:

Comparison Scorpion Other manufacturer tank
Seat Adjustable height Fixed
Turret  Rotates Static
Suspension Authentic tank suspension None
Drive System Trans-axles – smooth acceleration Hydraulics – Can be jumpy for beginners
Engine Compartment Enclosed, protected from track dust Open to track dust
Oil Required excluding oil used specifically within the engine 5Lt standard oil changed once a year or after 50 hours usage on average 20Lt hydraulic oil (more expensive) changed once a year or after 50 hours usage on average
Driver Size Comfortable for larger and taller drivers Leg room and size limited